Precision Dental Technology On The Cutting Edge

Both Dr. Okui and Dr. Tatsuta combine their experience and skill with some of the finest dental technology and caring team members so that people will always be comfortable while getting the most efficient and thorough care.

dental technology akemi encino

Dental technology in the hands of a skilled dentist means…

  • Precision in diagnoses
  • Excellence in treatment
  • The healthiest gums and teeth
  • Ultimate comfort for the patient
  • Dental health longevity

In the right hands, dental technologies can increase the health of a patient’s teeth by up to 80%.


3D X-Rays – Our new state-of-the-art cone beam CAT scan allows the doctors to see the full scope of a person’s mouth. Knowing where to work is essential because problem areas are identified more accurately and efficiently in exquisite detail.


Surgical microscope – What does this new dental technology mean to your dentistry? A surgical microscope helps Dr. Tatsuta and Dr. Okui see the finite detail of your teeth, bone and gums.

Dr. Tatsuta can locate and treat extra pockets of infection within the tooth, promoting ultimate healing for patients. Dr. Okui uses the surgical microscope in periodontal treatment, exacting implantology and checking on the health of teeth, bone and gums.


Digital Impressions – Imagine not having to wear one of those gummy, bad tasting mouthpieces to get an impression of your teeth. Those days are over at our dental offices. Drs. Okui and Tatsuta choose this dental technology to offer improved patient comfort.

Plus, our latest dental technology gets the most accurate shape of teeth so restorations, implants and onlays are designed just for your face and personality!


IV Sedation – So how is IV sedation a dental technology? The administration of “sleep dentistry” is key to some patient’s success in dental treatment. The dentists can perform delicate technically sensitive procedures on calm relaxed patients who are continually monitored by skilled staff.

Safe, tried and true IV sedation technology is the way thousands of patients have gotten their new smile with Dr. Okui and Dr. Tatsuta.

Dental Technology 

  • Makes dental treatment faster
  • Increases accuracy up to 80%
  • Makes dentistry low to no pain

The best dental experience begins and ends with the dentist’s skill and deft use of dental technology.  Book your experience today. Find out why Drs. Okui and Tatsuta are the top dentistry choice in Encino.