Periodontics and the Enemies of Your Mouth

Here’s some more disturbing news, about 75% of a person’s tooth loss is due to chronic periodontitis which is the build up of bacterial plaque.

This plaque infects the gums and causes them to dwindle over time. Teeth loosen because they are losing bone. Gums may become swollen or frequently bleed. Annoying spaces develop between the teeth where food may lodge… Yikes!

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The two biggest interlopers in a person’s mouth

Gum disease
Dental Degeneration

Periodontics… to Fight Back!


You get the picture. Periodontics are a huge salvo in fighting the war on your mouth. And…

Periodontics performed by a talented dentist can keep the enemies at bay and ensure that your smile will last into your golden years.

I really like Dr. Okui. I think he is one of the best health providers in terms of quality and work ethics (a gem here, in CA, really). It’s easy for you to see that he puts pride in what he does, aims for professional service, punctual appointment and courtesy.”– Cindy

Expert Periodontist Dr. Okui is one of the top periodontists in Los Angeles for a reason… he skillfully focuses unique customized solutions specifically designed for your dental situation. There is no cookie cutter approach to his dentistry. Whether it’s periodontics, dental implants or expert use of technology, Dr. Okui has dedicated 25 years to transforming the health and smiles of thousands of patients.

There are many non-surgical ways to treat periodontitis. If caught early, Dr. Okui can remove plaque and bacteria through some simple procedures. The painless dental laser has greatly improved results.

Dr. Okui is very experienced and passionately removes infection surgically under a high end surgical microscope. He’s also trained in advanced sedation.

You are:

  • Safe
  • Comfortable
  • Restored to great dental health!

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See Dr. Okui Directly. No Referral Necessary!

You don’t need a referral to see Dr. Okui or have to find a periodontist? He’s right here! To have the same safe, relaxed and artfully performed periodontics, all you have to do is call or make your appointment here.