Want to Save Your Teeth, Smile and Be Healthy?! Find an Endodontist Who Cares

Dr. Tatsuta looks forward to each day with her great patients and wonderful team. Why? Because we truly care about people and about saving teeth. Saving and healing teeth and creating happy, satisfied, smiling patients is her team’s #1 goal.

What is endodontics?

The blood vessels, nerves and lymphatic system inside your tooth is the dental pulp. When the pulp of the tooth is weakened by disease, Dr. Tatsuta expertly removes the source of the infection by performing a root canal. She takes great care to find and thoroughly treat the entire inside canal system and ALL its infection. Patients emerge from a peaceful procedure with the foundation for a fresh start with improved dental health!

Dr. Tatsuta was thorough and caring. She explained the procedure each step of the way.  I am now pain free.
–  Pam Nishida

A Root Canal Done So Gently, People Take a Nap

Do I need a root canal?

If you’ve been told that the core of your tooth and the surrounding structure is infected, you need a root canal. Removing infection can save the life of your tooth if caught early.

Doesn’t a root canal hurt?

Abscessed teeth can cause much pain, swelling and suffering like we hear about in the movies. Luckily the treatment of root canals and their infections are usually comfortable and many times give patients a sense of relief and well being. Advances in x-rays, magnification, light sources, anesthetics and anesthetic techniques are some of the many wonderful improvements that allow patients to comfortably receive care. For the unusually “hot tooth” or anxious or delicate patient Dr. Tatsuta has advanced sedation skill as well as being a leading endodontist in California.

Patients take their nap, she removes all of the infection and they wake up to the knowledge that their dental health is in excellent hands.

Endodontists Can Find Sources of Oral and Facial Pain and Infection

Did you know… Dr. Tatsuta can also expertly find the root cause of many oral and facial pains. Her skill as an endodontist helps her precisely find the source of pain.

Speaking of calls… make your appointment today and get a free consultation regarding your oral health. The best news is that the root canal treatment is very simple for Dr. Tatsuta to perform. Many patients can get their treatment done in a single visit!

Dr. Tatsuta cares and works with some of San Fernando Valley’s best dental teams comprehensively to extend the life and health of your teeth and you! “I’m dedicated to preserving the smile you were born with.”