It’s Your Turn to Smile Again With Dental Implants

When people think about dental implants, they have some common fears and questions. Let’s address some of these key issues.

There is no shame in dental implants

Many people who you see on TV and know in person, have dental implants.

In the hands of skilled dental implantologists, others as well even the patients are not able to tell that you have dental implants.

Doesn’t it hurt to get dental implants?

No. And here’s why… Because Dr. Okui is expertly skilled and experienced in providing dental sedation, the patient is relaxed and unaware of the dental implant procedure. They wake up with a whole new smile.

Isn’t the healing time painful at least?

Some people may have a little bit of discomfort but with Dr. Okui’s technique and approach, most of our patients experience little to no pain during the healing process.

Why People Get Cosmetic Dental Implants


An Accident

Special Needs

Fear of Dentistry (they put off treatment)

There are so many reasons people lose their smile. It’s not your fault! And the best news about dental implants is that they are affordable, can be done in a few visits and they function just like your natural teeth. You can even brush and floss dental implants! Plus, they last a very long time.

Dr. Okui will guide you in which dental implant is right for you. He’ll also thoroughly discuss the procedure, what will be done and your after care. You’re in the best hands with Dr. Okui and his amazing team.

A New Smile in Just a Few Visits

If you choose Dr. Okui’s safe and relaxing sleep sedation, you can get your new dental implants in just a few visits! Imagine, you can have a whole new outlook and smile again.

Don’t put off getting that smile you’ve always wanted and deserve. Look better, eat with confidence and be the biggest smile in the family photo! You don’t need a referral to get your new dental implants with Dr. Okui. All you have to do is call or book your appointment here.