Yes! A Periodontist Who Does Beautiful Cosmetic Periodontics and Dental Implants

Dr. Okui is a periodontist and respected implantologist in Encino.

What this means for patients is not only are they getting beautiful dentistry but also a sound and solid dental foundation.

Sounds pretty awesome doesn’t it? A lot of cosmetic dentistry done without a solid dental foundation ends up having to be redone later.

So why not start with a top periodontist who lays the foundation so your cosmetic dentistry will last!

A house built on quicksand is not going to last long so Dr. Okui’s approach is to make sure that the patient’s periodontal health is solid for the long term.

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People want dentistry that they can afford and that will be worth the cost, right? The best way to ensure that you’re getting quality dentistry is to book a consultation with Dr. Okui and talk about what you have been planning for your smile.

For the latest in comfortable, sturdy and natural looking teeth, why not select the top periodontist in Encino! Call us today so we can restore your smile!