Dr. Okui: The Only Periodontist You’ll Need

Before we talk about why thousands of people choose Matthew Okui DDS, let’s answer a question many people ask all the time: What is a periodontist?

Periodontal disease is an infection of the tissues surrounding the teeth. Gums become detached and separate from the teeth, leaving the tooth exposed. Untreated or poorly treated, periodontal disease can claim your teeth and gums.

Dr. Okui…

  • Is a superb communicator
  • Creates precise dental diagnoses
  • Produces solid and safe periodontal treatment
  • Invests in patients dental longevity
  • Utilizes technology for improved efficiency and comfort

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How can a skillful periodontist save you money and time?

Simple. By doing the periodontal work deftly and correctly in the first place. Many patients get dentistry that simply doesn’t last. Revisiting the same dental needs requires more time and money and can lead to frustration.

Dr. Okui provides long lasting quality so you only return for health check-ups and maintenance!

How can a skilled periodontist and cosmetic dentist create a gorgeous, natural healthy smile?

Your smile is as unique as you are. Dr. Okui doesn’t believe in one size fits all dentistry. Instead, he crafts a natural smile just for you! You get cosmetic dentistry artfully and skillfully done by a dental professional people in Los Angeles with trust and respect. He’s also a pretty cool guy. At least his patients think so.

Dr. Okui is very professional, as is his staff. His office is very warm and pleasant. One might forget that they’re visiting the dentist!
– Steven

Matthew Okui, DDS Quick Facts

Dr. Okui is a native Southern Californian and has been practicing dentistry since 1989.

He leads his team in constantly enhancing their already stellar skills and knowledge through continuing education.

If you have been searching for one of the finest and most skilled periodontists in Los Angeles, your search could be over! Call us and make your first appointment and see why thousands of patients love going to see their favorite periodontist.