Our Dental Referral Program

Compassionate Specialists With Confidence

We are thankful that our patients and referring dentists continue to entrust the care of their loved ones in our hands. We strive to provide an excellent experience for each patient to provide the excellent foundation required by our discerning dentists.

Dr. Tatsuta and Dr. Okui come highly recommended by dentists. Dental referrals have brought them thousands of happy patients who have remained with the Akemi Dental Specialist family for years.

As specialist dentists, we confidently offer high quality care to patients with:

  • Special Needs
  • Fragile Health
  • Extensive Dental Damage
  • Dental Anxiety


Dentists have worked closely with Dr. Okui for over 20 years in the San Fernando Valley.  Dr. Tatsuta joined the Akemi Dental Specialist team 12 years ago. Our 24,672 patients have had successful treatment and beautiful smiles after coming to us from our dental referral program.

Listen to what they have to say about their experience with Dr. Tatsuta and Dr. Okui here.

Dentists trust and respect Dr. Okui and Dr. Tatsuta. Hear what other dentists have to say about Dr. Tatsuta and Dr. Okui right here.

How to Refer Your Dental Patients to Us:

Contact us here. We look forward to serving your practice!